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Looking back to Magistral history we feel a real proud: in just only 12 years a small installation company became a large, consistently developing company, gained a reputation of a reliable partner to take up any challenge. We are convinced that the basis of our success is the responsibility, professionalism and our reverent attitude and attention to all things we create. The above values are main fundamentals of the company management’s activities as well as for all the staff. We strongly believe that our striving to help our clients to make their business as maximum effective as possible will contribute not only the company success but also will influence positively on the Russian economy in general.

  • Roman Valavin

    Head of Production department The efficiency of production processes is the main factor in the market of industrial engineering that leads to success. Moving towards continuous improvement, we achieve high quality services to tight deadlines and minimum cost.
  • Olga Korchagina

    Head of Sales department
  • Alexander Borovikov

    General director I believe that, first of all, role of the leader is to create and manage corporate value guidelines.
  • Nikolay Bykadorov

    Director of project management A company can be considered reliable if it managed to build long-term and trusting relationships with its clients. It is a satisfaction to know that we have succeeded.
  • Vladimir Munaev

    Supply director We are continuously moving forward, offering high-tech solutions to the market. We always find opportunities to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients.
  • Alexay Kurseev

    Head of Sales My experience shows that good attitude of the clients to our company mostly has been formed due to the fact that we always aimed to be accurate in fulfillment of our obligations.
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