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About the company

Group of companies Magistral is a Russian engineering company that over a period of 15 years implements its high quality design and technical solutions in the market. Over the course of its history, Magistral made its way from a small installation company to a large-scale hight-growth engineering enterprise.

Company activities are divided into several major areas as follows:

Industrial engineering

Over the course of 15 years of operation, Magistral has successfully implemented over 500 projects and gained its reputation of a responsible and reliable partner. Within the framework of this business area Magistral provides the following services:
•    General design
•    Installation of process equipment and pipelines
•    Design, supply and installation of the following systems: fire extinguising, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, power supply, etc.
•    Rigging of heavy equipment
•    Electric installation and process automation
•    Design, supply and installation of wastewater treatment facilities
•    Insulation of equipment and pipelines
Long-term operating experience and professional staff allows Magistral to perform both particular types of works on the "turnkey" basis as well as integrated project management under EPC/EPCM contracts.
Company solutions are implemented in various industries, such as: food production, wood processing, petrochemical, machinery production, power generation, metallurgy, etc.

Supply of shut-off and regulation valves

Since 2001, Magistral supplies high qualuty shut-off and regulation valves to the domestic market and extends the range of equipment supplied on the regular basis to provide Russian companies with energy efficient technical solutions.
The range of shut-off and regulation valves and heat-power equipment includes the following product brands: KERP (Russia), Baelz (Germany), ARI-Armaturen (Germany) and Comeval (Spain). Based on this equipment, Magistral experts have developed energy efficient solutions, which allow customer companies to save on production expenses.

Production of process equipment

Production of STEAM EXPERT skid modules is one of the priority areas of activities for Magistral. Company technical solutions designed for steam and condensate systems are successfully utilized by companies in various industries. The most frequent users of such are the companies in oil & gas and chemical industries, along with customers in food industry, metallurgy, power engineering, etc. Steam Expert ready-made solutions include reducing and reducing and cooling stations, condensate collection and return stations, hot water sets.

ISOMAG shells are used to protect various types of insulation from mechanical damage, ultraviolet radiation and other external effects. These products are used to cover insulation of all pipeline components: molded pieces and shut-off and regulation valves. ISOMAG products include the following types of shells: end pieces, boxes, bends, T-branches, reducers, , zepellins, tapers, non-standard equipment.

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