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Valves and heat-power equipment

Valves and heat-power equipment

Supply of high-quality high-tech valves - is one of the main business lines of Magistral. The company supplies products of leading European manufacturers of valves to the domestic market for the last 15 years. Magistral regularly expands the range of supplied equipment, offering energy-efficient solutions based on self-engineered technical solutions as well as best practices of its partners and suppliers.

Currently, Magistral is the official importer of the German company ARI-Armaturen on the territory of Russia. In 2013, Magistral expanded its product range, becoming an official partner of the German company Baelz, which sells energy conservation an heat-power equipment. Since 2014, under the import-substituting program, the company became the exclusive representative of the Russian pipe fittings manufacturer KERP. This equipment is produced on the territory of Russia from imported components.

About KERP equipment

KERP valves - a modern high-quality product that meets the requirements of Russian norms and rules, adapted for operating conditions requiring heavy-duty service in harsh environmental conditions typical for most regions of Russia. KERP supports import-substituting program and offers its consumers the quality product assembled in Russia, made from imported components.

The product range of KERP valves:

  • Butterfly valves (concentric, eccentric double, triple offset)
  • Ball valves (solid body OVM, with a two composite body OVD, a threefold body OVT, three composite body OVT)
  • Gate valves gland packing
  • heck valves
  • Separators air / vapor
  • Separators flash steam
  • Gate valves/knife gate valves
  • Mud Filters / mesh
  • Steam traps

To download overview equipment brochure KERP

About Baelz heat power equipment

Over recent decades, Baelz  occupies a leadership position in the development of energy-efficient solutions for enterprises in various industries. The main activity of Baelz's core business is related to production of heat-power equipment for industrial HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) using steam and hot water.

Types of Baelz equipment:

  • steam and water ejectors (including heating).
  • Direct-acting pilot-control reducing valves, with electric and pneumatic actuators for steam, water and thermal oil.
  • Heat exchangers with the regulation "condensate".

To download overview equipment brochure Baelz

About ARI-Armaturen equipment

Valves by ARI-Armaturen (Germany) are leading European brands over the last decades. These companies produce a full range of control, safety and globe valves.

The range of ARI-Armaturen valves:

  • Pressure controls (ARI-PREDU).
  • Back pressure controls (ARI-PREDEX), temperature controls (ARI-TEMPROL).
  • Valves: globe (ARI-FABA / ARI STOBU), safety (ARI-SAFE).

 To download overview equipment brochure ARI-Armaturen

The corporate website,, presents a wide range of products offered by Magistral, as well as detailed technical descriptions of all types of KERP, Baelz, ARI-Armaturen products. You can contact one of the nine company offices or fill in the online feedback formto consult a technical specialist and price lists for equipment.


Why should customers trust Magistral
when choosing industrial valves?

High-quality equipment

Magistral offers its customers only high-quality products meeting international standards and approved by demanding customers from Europe.

Wide range of products

We offer a wide range of valves and heat-power equipment, which is used for more than 200 types of  media.

Energy-efficient solutions

Our experts have developed unique technical solutions in the field of heat and steam supply, which allow enterprises to significantly reduce energy costs in manufacturing.

Best delivery times and wide sales geography

Equipment is shipped from a warehouse in Moscow. Logistics system enables mobile delivery of goods to any region of Russia.

Official partner

We are an official partner of valves and heat- power equipment manufacturers on the territory of Russia. That is why we know all about equipment of our suppliers and offer the most attractive prices.

Maintenance service and technical support

We provide free maintenance and warranty service. Our customers feel assured that they will always receive the necessary advice and technical support.

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