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Types of works performed

Magistral implements the "turnkey" construction projects as a general contractor and offers integrated solutions for utility systems. Project management is performed on the EPC/EPCM contract basis.

What types integrated solutions does Magistral offer?

Installation of process equipment and pipelines

•    Installation and piping of process equipment
•    Assembling and installation of tanks and vessels
•    Installation of process pipelines
•    Installation of utility systems
•    Process automation

General design

Design, supply and installation of the following systems:

•    fire extinguishing
•    heating
•    ventilation and air conditioning
•    cooling supply
•    water supply and sewage
•    local wastewater treatment facilities
•    process automation
•    power supply systems

Rigging of heavy equipment

•    Installation of heavy equipment (up to and over 1,000 tons)
•    Turnkey Installation of  production lines
•    Unoading/loading of equipment from truck and railway transport

Electrical installation and automation

•    Design and installation of automation systems
•    Installation of cable systems
•    Installation of fire safety systems
•    SCADA programming, adjustment of HMI systems
•    Development and design of control boards and automation systems
•    Production, start-up and commissioning of lower and higher level automatic process control systems
•    Development of software for process systems

Design, supply and installation of waste water treatment facilities

•    Reconstruction and construction of waste water treatment facilities
•    Industrial effluent treatment
•    Water conditioning systems
•    Site surveys
•    Service maintenance
•    turnkey WWTP

Insulation of equipment and pipelines

•    Insulation of utility networks
•    Warranty and service maintenance
•    Temperature range of insulated surfaces from -150 to +650 degrees

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Ventilation and air conditioning
Steam supply and condensate drain
Compressed air
Cold supply
Fire extinguishing systems
Lightning protection
Power supply and illumination

Equipment and pipelines

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Process equipment
Ventilation and air conditioning
Steam supply and condensate drain
Process equipment
Waste water treatment systems

Valves supply

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