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Occupational safety

One of the Magistral major operating principles is the protection of lives and health of employees, safety of processes and production facilities. The prime-importance goal of the Company is elimination of injuries and occupational illnesses of the Company and contractors' employees, who perform works in framework of projects implementation. To reach this goal, the Company relies on the efficient occupational safety department and has developed and implemented an occupational safety management system.

Key activities aimed at maintaining a high level of occupational safety are as follows:

- recruitment of qualified personnel;
- constant development of the occupational safety management system in the Company;
- creation of safe working conditions;
- regular scheduled and unscheduled occupational safety audits;
- trainings for the Company's employees on applicable requirements of occupational safety, fire protection and industrial safety requirements.

Fundamental principles of occupational safety of Magistral:

1. Prevention of accidents and occupational illnesses and injuries at work places and creation of safe working conditions for the Company's employees.
2. Compliance with requirments of the federal, regional and industry-specific legislation on occupational safety and other requirements applicable to the activities performed, including requirements of international and Russian occupational safety standards.
3. Efficient operation and constant development of the occupational safety management system as per interstate standard GOST 12.0.230-2007 (OHSAS 18001 – 2007).
4. Implementation of the efficient economic policy to ensure safe working conditions.
5. Adopting the principle of priority of employees' life and health over results of production activities.

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