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Modular skids STEAM EXPERT

One of the business lines of Magistral is the development, manufacturing and installation of modular plants under own brand Steam Expert.

The modular plants are equipped with high quality valves, heat exchange, pumping equipment and automatics of the leading European producers. Each Steam Expert plants subjected to be pressure tested and tunied and it has passport, maintenance and an operating instruction.

Steam Expert modular plants are complete solutions for heat supply systems in industrial and housing and communal sectors.

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Types of modular skids:

  • Pressure reducing station (PRS);
  • Pressure reducing & cooling station (PRCS);;
  • Hot water set (HWS);
  • Condensate recovery station (CRS);
  • Steam manifold;
  • Heat and cool supply units.

What are the main advantages of Steam Expert?

  • Wide range of configurations for typical solutions and solving uncommon problems;
  • Readiness of plants for usage;
  • Cost and time reduction of commissioning when carrying out the connection;
  • Warranty and service maintenance.
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